Why Choose Dubai for Healthcare Facilities

Medical Tourism is considered by a big number of people to take advantage of discount prices in countries where wages are low and the cost of living makes treatments easier and cheaper than they would get in their home country. In exchange for huge savings, they are happy to forgo standards a little lower than they are used to.

Dubai is undoubtedly the 22nd most expensive city in the world. However, it remains a popular choice for people to get healthcare facilities – thanks to the highly developed healthcare infrastructure.

The reason to choose this city for medical purposes is pure quality. Dubai has invested heavily in medical tourism and the healthcare sector. Dubai Healthcare City is a class of its own when it comes to cutting edge equipment and state of the art medical facilities. Medical tourism is a big priority for the Dubai Health Authority, and they are pumping millions of dollars into the sector for all the right reasons.

The Medical Tourism Initiative, launched in 2012 by the Crown Prince is coordinating the growth of the sector. They are willing to accept only the best outcome. They intend to make Dubai the world’s number one medical tourist’s destination in the coming years. So far, they are achieving their goals.

Dubai Healthcare City alone is the home to two fully equipped hospitals. There are over 120 world-class medical clinics, cutting edge diagnostic labs and over 4,000 leading healthcare professionals, all housed in a gigantic 4.1million square feet location in the heart of Dubai. High salaries and tax-free earnings make an attractive package that is attracting the world’s best surgeons and consultants to the emirate.

Besides the Dubai Healthcare City, Dubai also has some of the finest public and private healthcare centers and hospitals. All these are equipped with the latest medical equipment and medical facilities. The staff is highly qualified and skilled. Most of the medical staff are expats and the reason of them working in Dubai is the same for other expats i.e. huge financial rewards.

If you are looking for a place where you can get the best medical facilities and treatments, you should choose Dubai. Here you will find the best medical facilities. However, it is advisable to obtain a proper health insurance to avoid any hassle.